WTF?? (in a good way)

Here's one you have probably never heard before (unless you're an optometrist)...

Six years ago i went and got contact lenses. For the decade (or  more) preceding that time, i was aware that i was mildly myopic. Near-sighted; slight trouble seeing things far away. It had never bothered me enough to do anything about it, until i started racing bmx. I had lived with it through years of mtb riding, but i was noticing a few tiny mistakes creeping in to my laps of the bmx track. Those mistakes can be very costly; several broken bones and dislocations in my case.

My prescription wasn't too bad. -1.25 and -.75. I got some great breathable lenses, and I have worn them every single day since then, from morning to night. I'd put them in within 10 minutes of waking, and take them out right before bed. Recently though, i have been having a ton of trouble with contact lenses while running in the trails. All contact wearers know about getting crap in your eyes, dryness from not blinking, and several other issues that can pop up. Along with those though, I felt that i just wasn't seeing the trail very well any more, especially while hammering downhill. Like i mentioned in the previous post, kinda going by feel at times.

So, time for an eye exam and an updated prescription. I had even researched other options: LASIK maybe, or even rigid contact lenses. Really, i just needed to see better and more consistently in the to all options.

Really nice optometrist this morning (Dr. Judy Schnarr), and straight to business. Within 5 minutes she says "your prescription has really changed since you were last here". GULP...ok, maybe 6 years is too long. A few more minutes looking through the machine and selecting 'one or two', and we're done.

The optometrist has a bit of a smirk when she tells me that i have pretty much 20/20 vision....without correction! WTF??

Turns out, that it's not totally unheard of for this to happen. The muscles that were tight, and causing my myopia for decades, have tired out a bit. I am no longer in need of corrective lenses. Holy Crap!!! Couldn't have even imagined a better outcome.

Get your eyes checked