Power Down and Reboot

July rocked...

I was firing on all cylinders. An amazing knee Knacker, a handful of super fun training runs in Squamish, lots of fun/low stress family time. Top of the world kind of stuff.

August kinda sucked...

Then came the inevitable descent. Instead of anticipating it though, and taking some preemptive down time, I chose to ignore the signals from my body. After Knee Knacker I didn't let myself properly recover. My brain wanted to keep going. I wanted to keep the hot streak alive. (My knee on the other hand, was telling me to slow down)

No time to rest, I had the Squamish50 to tackle August 10.  

In hind sight I should have taken a couple weeks off, or very light activity. Not only was my knee (from KK crash: peroneal nerve damage) quite sore, but my heart, lungs, diaphragm, and intercostals were all tired. Some deep fatigue!

I am great at denial, and I put that skill to use in my lead up to the Squamish50.

Race morning rolled along, and i was hanging together by some thread and a piece of gum. Right from the start, I was compensating for my knee: a recipe for disaster. I knew that i was rolling the dice, but i so badly wanted to be part of the event and part of that day.

The nail in my coffin came at about 50km, as i was pushing the descent into Quest. Guarding my right knee, with a totally asymmetrical stride, i hammered my left toe into a rock...

Another bad crash. Full tilt slam onto my right side again. This time, i didn't bounce right back up. I had to drop out a few kms later.

Sadly, after Squamish, I still wasn't prepared to 'give up' though (*I know... some fucked up logic*). I could redeem myself, to myself, by running a solid MeetYourMaker.   I took 2 weeks off running, and the dull, background pain in my knee had significantly receded. Plus, I regained some of my spark/drive. Time to test out the knee at the 5peaks whistler race...

I got less than 500m in to the race before slipping on a rock, twisting my sore knee, and dropping out. Thankfully, i didn't really do any damage, but it was a serious warning that i wasn't ready to race yet. I was paying attention now....NO MYM50 for me this year.

Making the decision not to race MYM, seemed to lift a weight off my shoulders. My stress level dropped overnight, and i woke up the next morning with a fresh perspective. At some point(s), we all mistakenly base our self worth on what we do, rather than who we are. I was caught in a loop, chasing validation from racing.

Thankfully, my family pulled me back to reality. With school starting in less than two weeks, and my girls going into kindergarten, some family fun has taken top priority. We have put in some time on our bikes (even hitting the BMX track a few times), we set up the tent and camped in the yard (hot-dog and marshmallow roast included), we have practiced tying shoes, and we have done some 'simulations' of the first day(s) at the new school.

gilrs on bikes.jpg
knee scrape.jpg

I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine in September, and building back some fitness on the bike. Cyclocross season is starting, and my anaerobic system is seriously lacking. Hopefully i can still squeeze in a few long trail runs between the heart-pounding, tooth-grinding, anaerobic suffer-fest bike workouts...