I'm back baby, I'm back!

Things (specifically, my brain and my body) are definitely coming around.

As I previously mentioned, August kind of sucked. Over the last couple weeks though, I have really started to recharge. I have not taken the last few weeks right off, but i did throw away all my September goals (ie. races), backed off from any structure, taken actual days off, and tried not to force my way through any form of exercise.

Last weekend (middle of September), even though i was still ‘recovering’, I took part in a Skimo training camp in Squamish. Eric Carter and Stano Faban were the organizers, it was well attended by a variety of athletes, and a real success. Most people took part in the run/roller-ski workouts, but not having roller skis, I opted for the run/mtb option. My buddy Will was on the same plan too. I promised myself beforehand, that I would really hold back during the weekend camp. My plan to just enjoy the company, the terrain, and the weather was successful. I am happy to say that i kept the weekend very controlled: no hard efforts, just a ton of fun and volume. (Stano posted a recap of the camp is here)

Riding the excitement of running the Howe Sound Crest Trail during the training camp, i felt really motivated to get back out and do another mountain/alpine run. Eric tossed out the idea of tackling Sky Pilot mid-week, and I was absolutely on board. Even though I had no idea/information about Sky Pilot, I knew Eric would take care of the details.

Other than saying it was totally fucking awesome, I’m going to let the photos (which Eric took) speak for themselves.


upward rock face.jpg
yellow shirt.jpg
eric standing.jpg
mike standing.jpg

We were only 4 hrs from car to car, but I got about a months worth (or more) of motivation from the adventure. Sky Pilot was definitely not something I would have tackled on my own, and I am so thankful that Eric let me tag along.

The next morning i kept the dream alive...
Feeling strong and motivated from the previous day, i was in Lions bay before the sun came up, and on the trail towards the Lions. I had some serious spring in my step, and motored up to the saddle/HSCT intersection, and then up higher to a bit of a plateau. I planned on going right  to the peak, but a lack of shoe traction on the slightly wet rock (and being alone) made me reconsider the last climb. Content with my decision, I hauled ass back down the trail to the gate. I was back to my car in around 2:45 (round trip), and at work by 10am.

view from the Lions

view from the Lions

What a way to start the day!!
Worth it in every way, even if my legs were aching all day at work.

I am totally stoked to hit the mountains again. But... I am going to force myself to take a couple days off. My reward will be to tackle another mountain run this weekend.