Jumping Right In to 2014

Here's what the month of January has looked like, so far..

New years eve, 7:30pm: Jodi and I roll the kitchen clock ahead to show 11:30pm.

(That's one of the great thing about 5-year-olds; their perception of time isn't fully developed)

8:00: We all count down to celebrate the new year.


8:15: Both kids are in bed and asleep. 

9:00: I'm in bed, sound asleep (a world apart from how New Year's eve was celebrated in my 20's).

As you can guess, I don't give a crap about NYE anymore.

The previous three days around our house had been pretty rough. My girls (Jodi included) were all sick and coming off a sleep deprived visit with their Grandma. The holidays had just been one of those stretches that all families with kids experience; tired, sick, cranky, stuck in the house, and nothing to do but ride it out.

Early the next morning we all jumped in the car and headed to Crescent Park for the Resolution Run (8km cross-country, put on by Peninsula Runners). It was a beautiful day, and I felt like running hard...so I did (and I managed to pull out a win).

jan1 fun.JPG

More importantly, the girls were feeling a lot better, and the venue for the race had a playground. Toss in the sunshine, and everybody was in a good mood. My friend Will showed up, with the plan to race also. He wasn't feeling it though, and opted for the sidelines to cheer and help keep the girls entertained. We ended up having a great day. In fact, the prefect way to start the new year.


The following weekend we met some friends of ours (the Pettersens) for a hike around Rice Lake. It doesn't sound like much, but they also have two young kids...and it was absolutely pouring rain that day.

I wish I could see the world through the eyes of a child again. What I consider to be a short loop of a sort-of dull lake, the kids made into a serious adventure. It took us almost two hours for one lap, with the kids hitting every hill, stump, rock, log, puddle, etc, that they could find. It was awesome !

Soaked and back at the car, Shawn poured out some hot chocolate he had thought to bring for the kids (marshmallows too). Does it get any better??

hot choc.jpg

Compared to our usual wet/cold January, the sun has been shining a lot in BC. It has given me and my girls some pre-season bike practice, on their new 'big girl' bikes. I can hardly explain how much fun I have had teaching them to ride their new sets of wheels.

bike rider.jpg


Last on my January highlight list was another race; the Campbell Valley 10k (or so) cross-country race in Langley. 

Campbell valley 2014.jpg

I had some competition on the start line, with Chris and Tyler showing up. I kind of pulled a fast one on them though. Just for fun, and to sorta stir the pot, I surged at the 1 mile mark. The guys let me go, and didn't chase me down. I kept the pedal to the metal and ran off the front to the finish. They definitely kept me honest though, as I knew either could catch me if I eased off. 

I'm really happy with where my fitness is at this point. Not a lot of quality in my legs, but i seem to be running at a good clip. I'm looking forward to the Dirty Duo in March (run/bike combo), and then the Diez Vista 50k in April. Actually, I'm really looking forward to some hard training in prep for those races too. I miss the heart pounding, light headed feeling you get from some anaerobic intervals. I need to thank Ed McCarthy for reminding me about it last week...