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For several years now, I have been providing coaching and consulting services to a limited number of athletes. My training philosophy is pretty simple - it's focussed on getting the work done. I believe that success is built on the fundamentals and on hard, consistent work. Enjoying the work and the process - the daily grind - is a necessity for success and longevity as an endurance athlete.

As some people might already know, I lead the Tuesday morning workouts at Capra. I feel like the Tuesday Club has grown to become an incredibly positive and supportive group, where everyone embraces the challenge to improve. I really love creating and leading those workouts.  The hands-on, face to face interactions are what really motivate me. Being able to watch the physical signals, and see the hard work being done - that's the most satisfying part of coaching for me. I enjoy that process so much so, that I now feel that the time is right for me to start offering a more complete coaching service.

Over the past 20+ years, as I chased my own athletic goals, I have been guided by some of the best coaches in the world (not exaggerating). I find it challenging and rewarding to now be able to pass along some of the knowledge and experience that I have taken in over the last couple decades as an athlete.

Given the level of interaction that I offer, and my belief in the face-to-face coaching process, my services may be more suited to local athletes (though that's not a necessity). I like the opportunity to be able to get out for a run with the athletes that I coach - to see your form, hear your breathing, and assess strengths and weaknesses. If this sounds appealing, and you are prepared to commit to a tough process, please shoot me a message so that we can sit down and see if we are a match.

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$189/ month

access to coached group workouts

text/email to answer questions as needed

weekly phone call for feedback and assessment

6 month minimum commitment

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